अक्तूबर 21, 2010

Eduction is our right ,it is not for sale

in the history of human civilisation slavery and serfdom have been abolished,feudalism  has been abolished ,racialism been abolished, colonilism has been abolished. all these have been giving only one message that every body have birth right of equality of oppourtunity . freedom struggle of india and later on in our constitution this was declared main objectives. but after independence , inequalities have increased and are increasing continuously . today millions of children are out of school .potable clean water, cloth, house to live ,food all these necessities of life are still a far dream for childhood of marginalised society. millions & millions of children are working in hotels, garages, facteries & homes .77 percent of indian population lives on an average per capita consumption expenditure of rs. 20 a day.large section of peoples in india do not have regular access to food . nearly half of world's hungry are in india. at least 35 percent people are living below poverty line.India is the world's most youthful countries. 15 million youth live in India.but most of them have no eduction & employment. in India, inflation, recession is constantly growing. The difference between rich and poor is huge. India has 10 billionaires in the world four . Society is divided into caste and religions.  capitalism and the capitalist political parties doing politics of religion and caste.under the pressure of world bank & imf indian state commercialization & marketisation of eduction& social sector . so some people are selling the eduction & earning huge money. so all india students federation struggle against the wrong policies of state & union government.we opposed the commercialization , marketisation & privatisation of eduction .we said"eduction is our right ,it is not for sale. aisf is the premier & historical student organisation. aisf is ready to launch the struggle against several political issues like unemployment , price-hike ,corruption , food security etc.we demands free & compulsary eduction for all.we think if india is to be made happy and prosperous. comprehensive plan has to be prepared to provide eduction to everybody. this has to be a time bounded programme as part of our most important task. one cannot bring about social & cultural transformation in the country without such a programme. the constitution of india includes " socialism "as one of its basic principles.the aisf also follows the aims of progress, peace & socialism. it is continuously struggling to achieve these aims.